Here's my Jacket Hold-Down.  Material costs - $29.


I needed a jacket hold-down for my press. I started pricing them and soon found them to be too

expensive for their purpose. After some initial planning and drawing, this is what I came up with.

First I cut the three panels I needed. The top layer is 1/2" Melamine shelving (16"x16"), the second is a

1/2" plywood spacer (16"x16") and the base is 3/4" fiberboard (18.5"x20").

I purchased a platen clamp from my supplier. This clamp cost more than the whole assembly combined.


Assembly begins.

The arm is made from 1" x 1" pieces, glued and bracketed. Then 1" wide rubber weather-seal stick tape

 is added to the underside to hold down on the jacket.

It's then a simple matter of some hinges and assembly.


And here is the final result. It works like a charm. I'm looking for some kind of front clamp, meanwhile this

will work temporarily. The best part is, you can make this any size, large or small, to suit your needs.





Now, some may call me cheap or accuse me of not using professional grade equipment, but my philosophy is - why spend your hard-earned money on the little things when there is so much that needs to be spent on essentials. Things like the computer, the software, the printers, the press, the screens, the inks, the tools, etc., are required and can't be compromised. When there is an opportunity to save a few bucks on the non-essentials, take the initiative and give it a try. If it works, great! If not, then go spend your money. Meanwhile, let's DANCE!

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